A personal perspective on woodturning: 

Dick Gerard

I have always been fascinated by the diversity of Nature. For all its variety, Nature is a cooperative effort. I’m drawn to cultures and beliefs that reflect Man and Nature in cooperation rather than conflict – Native American, Zen Buddhist, Hawaiian/Polynesian, Australian Aborginal, African and others of similar beliefs. 

Working with wood you either force yourself and your ego into/onto the object, or you become aware of your own strengths and limits as well as those same qualities in your material. The results reflect the chosen path. Sometimes, I’ll have a particular piece of wood in the studio for years before we come to terms with each other. At other times, the process is much more immediate. Either way, one must always be aware of hidden nuances along the way. 

The majority of my designs are simple forms that seek to compliment and accentuate Nature’s inherent beauty through objects that have a strong tactile and aesthetic appeal. I have begun to experiment with added elements (carving, gold wire, semi-precious stones, color, bleaching and texturing, etc.), and airbrushing. 

Dick Gerard - Textured Purple Sphere

This year I have concentrated about 90% of my efforts investigating the making of wooden spheres using different methods, and then decorating those spheres to create new and unique art from turned wooden spheres.