Mike Jackofsky

Mike Jackofsky specializes in hollow vessels, most of which are natural edge pieces made from unique burls.

He has been a “featured presenter” at many symposiums, including the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) symposiums, as well as the Utah Woodturning Symposium in Provo, Utah, and the SWAT Symposium in Waco, Texas. He has also participated numerous times in the Emma Lake Collaboration in Canada and has had his work selected for a number of AAW exhibitions.

Mike Jackofsky and Sam Maloof
Mike Jackofsky and Sam Maloof

Mike lives in the north county area of San Diego and is a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of San Diego School of Law. He conducts workshops, demonstrations and classes at many woodworking clubs and schools in the US and Canada, including his “Signature” 5 day classes for Craft Supplies USA at the Dale Nish School of Woodturning in Provo, Utah, and occasional private classes at his studio. 

In 2011 Mike released his first tutorial DVD, a two disc set titled, “Woodturning With Mike Jackofsky: Making A Hollow Vessel”, and his signature “Hollow-Pro Tools” have become very popular with hollow vessel turners around the world.

Using Hand-Held Hollowing Tools

Using hollowing tools to remove the wood from an open bowl allows attendees to see the cutting action of the tools that I use to hollow. Covers straight and bent tools of different sizes, and gives a look inside the process that is not possible in a demo of a closed vessel. By showing the cuts on an open bowl, there is no wasted time removing shavings through a small opening, and this allows for more discussion of the tools and skills necessary to produce hollow vessels.

Emphasis on demonstrating the skills necessary to effectively control hand-held hollowing tools. Using a balanced stance and holding the tools in a way that minimizes the effort required to produce controlled cuts, resulting in a clean, smooth surface, inside and out.

Making a Hollow Vessel

Mike Jackofsky - Buckeye Burl Hollow Form

A fast paced demonstration of the entire process of making a hollow form from start to finish. Covers safely turning the wood between centers, making a tenon, mounting in a chuck, hollowing the piece, and reverse chucking to complete the bottom.

Hollow Form Shapes – Everything but the Hollowing

Mike Jackofsky - Masur Birch Hollow Form

This demo explores the process of creating a hollow vessel “form”.
By skipping the process of removing the wood from the inside of a hollow vessel, this allows Mike to concentrate on the most important aspect of making his work – the shape!

This will cover the process of orienting the wood between centers to take advantage of the unique features of the material, making a tenon, mounting in a chuck, dealing with natural edges and defects, and getting clean cuts with a bowl gouge.

Does NOT cover the hollowing process, so this is a fun, fast paced demo to watch!

Small Scale Hollow Vessels

Mike Jackofsky - Maple Burl Hollow Form

The entire process of making a small, restricted opening hollow form, using both straight and bent tools. Mike will shape and hollow a 4 – 6” vessel, using 3/8” tools. Vessels in this size are a great way to make use of small blocks of unique and interesting wood. There is an “instant gratification” aspect of hollowing pieces in this size range, where you can get a project completed without spending all day on one piece.

After getting some experience, most turners have an easy time with forms this size, so it’s a great way to break into hollowing vessels through a small opening without a lot of tools!