I have been a pen designer, turner and collector for more than 20 years. I specialize in pushing the boundaries of the traditional pen kit to create pocket sized masterpieces. In partnership with my father, our work has been featured in both wood turning and pen publications and I have received recognition in both pen and jewelry competitions. My wife and I live in Monument Colorado with our 12 year old son and a cat. Outside the shop, I make my living as a Technical Manager for the IBM.

Theme Pen Design and Construction – Medieval

This session will cover design and construction techniques to create a medieval themed pen. Topics covered in the session include stone block designs, do it yourself overlays, castle motif tricks and decorative accent ideas. Techniques include overlapping tube construction, on lathe build process and general construction ideas. Items covered in the session can be applied to both kit and custom work.

Advanced Pen Design and Construction

This session will cover advanced techniques to take your pen turning to the next level. Topics covered in the session include breaking free from kit limitations, frame and shell construction, shaped and turned embellishments and general design considerations. Techniques discussed can be applied to differentiate your kit products from the mainstream or the construction of a completely custom writing instrument.