I have been turning for over 40 years. My specialty is turning bowls from local hardwoods. I sell my bowls mostly through galleries. I have demonstrated bowl turning and spheres at five AAW Symposiums, at many regional symposiums and around the US, Canada and abroad. I have taught at the Campbell and Arrowmont schools. I have published articles about woodturning in four woodworking journals. I was a founding member and twice past president of the Cascade Woodturners in Portland, Oregon. I served on the Board of Directors of the AAW from 2009 thru 2014, the final three years as President.

Turning and drying roughed out bowls

This class will cover the ways to rough out and successfully dry bowl blanks. We will discuss air drying, kilns, soaking in soap, microwave, soaking in alcohol and boiling the wet bowl blanks. We will discuss how to get the bowl blank dry without cracking. I will then finish turn a roughed out dry bowl showing how to use gouges and scrapers, sanding and finishing.


Turning a sphere by eye

Members will see how to turn spheres on three axis all by eye. I will show how to make the cup chucks for the headstock and tailstock . I will turn three spheres during the class. Turners will learn how to use a jam chuck to hold the sphere so it can be hollowed or decorated.


Oval turning

I will show how to use the Vicmarc Oval chuck to turn ovals. This will include how to lay out the oval blank and how to mount it on the chuck. The attendees will see the special tool challenges related to turning ovals on a lathe. Riding the bevel may not work here.