Merryll Saylan has been a studio artist since the late 70’s and recently moved from Berkeley,CA to Louisville, CO. She has a BA in Design from UCLA and an MA in Art from California State University Northridge. Her work has been exhibited in many museums and galleries, including the Renwick Gallery, Museum of Art & Design, and the Yale University Art Gallery. She was President of AAW in 1995 and has served on the boards of the Center for Art in Wood and the Collector’s of Wood Art. A leader in the use of color and texture on wood and wood turning methods, Saylan’s writings on art, techniques, and the woodturning field have been published in numerous books and magazines.

Playing with Paint

Milk paint, dyes, acrylics, watercolors, oils & more. Mixing, matching and making choices. Techniques & properties


Little Plates

Turning little decorative plates: low tech mounting methods, rims and contours and bases. How sketching helps. Start a design and resource notebook.

More Playing with Paint

Making and using glazes & finishes to alter and enhance painted surfaces. Aging pieces.