I have been a professional bowlmaker since graduating from San Diego State in 1998. My main production items are salad bowls followed by burial urns, hollow forms, treenware, and any job that walks through the door. I have been lucky enough to travel the world teaching my craft.

I have taught in eight countries and across almost every state in our country. I am passionate about my craft and live and breathe for it. I never miss an opportunity to educate the public about what woodturning is and the wonderful people involved with the craft as a whole.

Quarter Sawn Oak Platter

I will make a finished 16″ platter. I will explain how I cut the wood from the tree, roughed, dried, returned and finished the platter.

Big green calabash bowl

I will core a large bowl blank using the Kelton Center saver. There will be a discussion on how the wood came out of the log, using the coring tool properly, tool technique, and jamb chucking the calabash bowl.

Burial Urns with Threaded Lids

I will make a finished pet urn while taking you through the steps of sizing, shaping, hollowing, and threading the lid to the vase to make a burial urn.