Keith Gotschall

First, what is a tortilla warmer? Well it’s nothing you plug in, it is a simple container to hold pre-warmed tortillas, crepes, pancakes etc. so that they retain some of their heat and delectability!

It is in essence a large lidded bowl. 

This is a great intermediate project for anyone to tackle. 

I will go through the entire project from start to finish, with all the steps clearly shown and explained. Starting with a quick shop tour, the demo moves on to planning the project, wood selection, the tools used and how I sharpen them, basic steps to start off and roughing in the basic form of the top. Making the rest of the project is the bulk of the demo, but along the way there are lots of tips and close up video of how the tools are being used. 3 different tools and methods of work are shown during the hollowing out of the interior, and the spindle gouge is used to great effect in making the fine details of the knob. With all that finished, I go into a method of decoration that is so simple and easy to do that anyone who is hesitant about trying will be convinced that it is worth giving it a shot. I don’t hesitate to show mistakes so we all learn from them, and in the end a short look at the end product will allow some critique of design and overall shape.