Yann Marot

Rope the bevel that’s good, slicing on wood it’s better! With the skew, the spindle gouge, the scraper or the bedan, let’s try the slicing angle for a good surface without sanding and nice shavings. It also enable us to turn thinner by reducing the pressure on wood.

We will see the different applications for traditional spindle work.

Key points :

  • Difference between bad scraping, cutting by roping the bevel and a good cut with the slicing angle
  • Why giving an inclination to the bevel give a better cut, less pressure on the wood and less vibrations
  • How to reduce sanding with standard tools (spindle gouge, skew chisel, bedan, bowl gouge and scraper)

Techniques :

  • demonstration of a good cut with a hand planer and chisel
  • how to turn a thin handle spatula with the skew chisel from a small planed board
  • why using long edge sharpening and how to sharpen it (spindle gouge and bowl gouge)
  • how to get a nice surface on the outside of a bowl (spindle gouge, bowl gouge)
  • how to get the slicing angle to improve the cut with the scraper
  • turning a small traditional leg with the bedan and the spindle gouge (how to get a complete shape, continuity, connect the bead with the cove, be confident with our eye…)