I am a professional musician, composer, & educator, who got seriously interested in woodturning after meeting Bruce Perry.  He became my mentorand friend and got me involved with Front Range Woodturners, where I currently serve as VP/Program Director and Youth Mentor. I am also a member of AAW, Rocky Mountain Woodturners, and Colorado Woodworkers Guild, and am a strong advocate for clubs as a resource for turners at all skill levels.

While I enjoy all aspects of turning, I am particularly interested in stuff that isn’t exactly round: winged vessels, multi-axis turnings, and tri-corner pieces. More recently I’ve been exploring texturing, burning, and other surface enhancements. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from many fine woodturners, and it is rewarding to be able to “regift” that knowledge and inspiration by teaching and demonstrating.

Square-edge Cocktail Smoker

Don Prorak

I was asked to make some of these, and found that the commercial and Youtube versions ranged from boring to just ugly. I came up with winged designs that are fun to make and much more aesthetically pleasing. This project includes turning winged vessels, indexed drilling, reverse chucking methods, and embellishments.

Double tri-corner vessel with captive ring

Don Prorak

I first saw tri-corner turnings on Youtube several years ago. As I started making them, questions arose, like “Why am I cutting off these other 3 points”, and “I wonder if I could add a captive ring?”. I’ve made these as lidded containers, clocks, tea light holders, bowls, and small hollow forms.