I’m primarily a utility turner, and I enjoy making items that people will use in the kitchen. But utility doesn’t have to mean boring, plain, or mediocre. I like to think my wooden cookware blurs the line between functional and art. I’ve been turning since 2005, having taken classes at Red Rocks Community College and then with a handful of professional woodturners.

My specialty is salad bowls, plates, and peppermills, and I get a lot of satisfaction in seeing my items being used instead of sitting on display. I know what it takes to make something that can be used daily and then passed down through the family. 

Most of my wood comes from urban trees, although I can’t resist buying a nice piece of Madrone Burl or Big Leaf Maple Burl for my peppermills. Like many of you I’m happy to do my part to keep trees out of the landfill or fireplace.

I retired in 2015 and now turn full time. I started my own company after I retired and sell my items online and at craft shows. I served as President of the Front Range Woodturners in Denver from 2017 to 2019.


The Perfect Peppermill

Pat Scott

Have you always wanted to make a peppermill but were intimidated by all the steps?  What if I told you there were only 4 steps to making a mill?  

All peppermills are basically the same no matter what mechanism you use – it’s a piece of wood with a hole drilled through the middle.  If that’s true what makes one peppermill worth $75 while another is worth $175 or more?  In this demo we’ll discuss the differences and I’ll show you the techniques that I use to make high end peppermills.  This is a fast paced demo with all the tips I have to share.

Dinner Plates

Pat Scott

Do you eat off wooden plates that you’ve made?  Why not?  

We’ve been using wooden plates in my household for over 10 years. In this demo we’ll discuss the best woods to use, where to harvest the blanks from a tree, sizes, shapes and design, and finishing.  As a craftsperson, what better way to show off and impress your guests than to serve them a meal off of a plate that you made.