I started woodturning in 2012 and after having one too many design suggestions for my Dad. He told me in the nicest way possible to do it myself. I’ve been hooked on woodturning ever since and became an active member in the Dakota Woodturners (DWT). I’m currently a member of the DWT Board. In the last year and a half I’ve organized monthly Women in Turning (WIT) events, getting together to complete a hands on project. To learn more about woodturning, I have gone to the AAW Symposium as well as the Rocky Mountain Symposium. I enjoy working on collaborative projects with my Dad and also investigating new projects for WIT and DWT events. 

Saving the Small Core

In this demonstration, I’ll be showing my interpretation on how to take the small core from a bowl coring and making it more than a “bonus” bowl. Adding an accent rim with veneer and contrasting wood to spice up the design and proportions to enhance interest.

Exploring Embellishments Working with Imperfections

In this demonstration, I’ll be showing how to work with the imperfections in the wood to develop embellishment options. We will use Zentangle, airbrushed and woodburned designs to compliment the piece.