Woodworking has been a major interest of mine for many years. My early training came from college level woodworking and furniture design courses in San Diego, with more recent training coming from courses taken in the Fine Woodworking Department at Red Rocks Community College.

While I enjoy making projects from furniture to small craft items, turning projects are by far my favorites.  I feel nothing highlights and celebrates the beauty of wood quite the same way as turnings.  In addition to turning wood, I also like to incorporate metal into many of my pieces through the use of inlay, metal spinning, and other techniques.

Currently I run my own small woodworking business under the name of Glacial Studio.

Turning a Long Stemmed Form – Waterfall Edged Bowl Section

This demonstration will focus of the techniques used to the turn the bowl section of a long stemmed form from a section of burl. The turning will progress from spindle turning of a rough sawn blank, through faceplace turning to the final natural edged waterfall form. The stem & foot sections will be turned in the following demonstration.

Turning a Long Stemmed Form – Stem & Foot Sections

This demonstration will focus of the techniques used to turn a two part stem & foot for the bowl section turned in the previous demonstration. The stem section, about 7 – 9 in. long, will be turned first, followed by a separate turning of the foot. The three sections combined will make one complete long stemmed waterfall edged form.