All attendees are encouraged to bring up to 3 pieces for exhibit at the Beyond the Bark Instant Gallery. The gallery will be open to the public, and your pieces can be displayed for sale or just for show. It is a chance to show off your work.

Beyond the Bark Instant Gallery

But please don’t be intimidated: our gallery usually exhibits a wide range of skills and techniques. Your pieces in the gallery affords an excellent opportunity to spark conversations with other turners about technique, problems, solutions, form, and so much more. You are probably your own worst critic – here’s an opportunity to see what others have to say. You will probably be surprised!

The symposium will have some display pedestals available of various sizes, but you may wish to bring your own. We also provide attendants to assist the public with sales, and to watch over the display.

On Saturday, our demonstrators will do a critique of selected gallery pieces.