The venue is the McKee building at The Ranch / Larimer County Fair Grounds in Loveland, Colorado. Free parking is available in lots A, B & H.

Getting Here, Staying Here

The Ranch’s website has excellent travel directions, as well as suggestions for lodging and dining in the area. They also have a good list of area attractions, if you’re looking for other things to do while you’re here.

About the Venue

We will have a large, central meeting room for opening and closing ceremonies and meals. This space is always available for gathering with friends.

Meeting, Gathering, and Meal Space. The vendor area is in the background.

A large space for our vendor exhibits, and a separate room for the Instant Gallery are open to the general public.

Beyond the Bark – our Instant Gallery

Demonstrations are each held in separate classrooms, so noise from other demonstrators is not a problem. Each classroom has a camera operator to project details onto a large monitor, and the demonstrator will have a microphone (however, we do not record any presentations).