Born in N.M. in 1966 and a Colorado Transplant in the mid 80s . In 2009 I fell in love with woodturning and since then all my woodworking has focused around a lathe . I started turning as another avenue in my woodworking to explore and before started casting and stabilizing to make box blanks for the lidded boxes I was turning. I had found that I really liked turning stabilized material and or resin blanks because once the lid was made to fit, it would remain that fit and not expand or contract with moisture gain/ loss.

After making lots of boxes and posting them occasionally on some of my turning pages – I started getting approached by others to make blanks for them as well . Anyhow – it wasn’t long before the pen groups approached us to make blanks for them as well , so I started turning pens and have now turned well over 400 pens and  made well over 5000 Hybrid pen blanks.

Now, Cindy and I run a blank making business (Franklin Blanks and Crafts) and supply all kinds of woodturners with about every size blank you can think of up to a 5 gallon bucket size. And we ship worldwide. In the last few years we have quickly becoming known in the social media groups for our wide range of different size blanks and our art series blanks that are each unique and one of a kind and frequently turned and displayed as bottle stoppers – spheres and Dragon Eggs.

We have recently started an instagram page and you can find some fine examples of some of our work on it here.Or you can contact us anytime to see what blanks we may have available or to put in that custom order —through our  FB page. Or by phone @ 303-579-7325 – additionally you can also find a variety of our blanks for sale through

Stabilizing and Casting

Stabilizing and Casting

In this demonstration you will walk away with the understanding and knowledge of what wood stabilizing and resin casting is about and the benefits and new avenues that come with it as applied to the world of woodturning.

I will cover the basics in both and supply a vendor list as well that will include some of the best products on the market for home use applications. To add to the fun & excitement I will do a cast (after all it is a demonstration) and cast a few Hybrid Blanks in various sizes to show the whole process.

Turning Plastics and Hybrids – From Start to Finish

In this demonstration you will walk away with the knowledge of how to turn a fine writing instrument from start to finish including the steps to do an easy durable BLO enhanced CA finish. I will also demonstrate how to polish out larger turned items from hybrids or plastics where doing a CA finish may not be the best choice.

Pen Turning and Beyond

 No matter your skill level, from beginner to pro, this one’s for you. In this demonstration we will discuss tools, kits, blanks, techniques, tips and finishes. All while demonstrating how to turn a fine writing instrument.