Jean-François was born on a heap of wood shavings and learned woodturning from his father, a master craftsman. At the age of 16, he obtained his first degree in woodturning . In 1979, he set up his business with his cabinetmaker wife, Monique, near Puy St Martin, where he now lives and works.

The recession of the trade pushed him to look for new outlets and towards creativity. In 1987, he was one of the first craftsmen to open his workshop to teach woodturning to professionals and amateurs.

More than 2,000 people have spent an unforgettable time in his workshop both in learning and living a rich human experience. He has taught, helped, and inspired many professional woodturners.

On the creative side, he has developed a technique and 2 specific chucks for turning off-center. His work is a constant exploration of how to defy the laws of  balance on the theme of “balance in imbalance”.

In recent years, he has begun combining traditional woodcarving with turning. He also teaches, demonstrates, and exhibits worldwide.

Since 2012, Jean-François opened an international woodturning school in the south of France. Each year, about 200 students are coming to take a class 

“I started to turn in 1972, and woodturning has been my passion. I love all kind of techniques, but I am fascinated with eccentric turning, because I can explore this technique much more than anything else. I love to teach.”

How to turn a trembleur

Jean François Escoulen

A trembleur is a French excercice from the XVIII century. The woodturner has to turn a long and thin piece using a “steady” and “string steady”. It’s not only a technical exercise but also helps to study the different renaissance shapes.
In this demo, I turn a trembleur 60cms (about 23 inches) long and explain why I use only 2 tools: bedan and detail gouge with 2 bevels.

How to use an eccentric chuck

Jean François Escoulen

I want to show you how to turn a box with 3 axes using an eccentric chuck which is my own design. In this demo, I explain the different principles and possibilities you can achieve with this chuck.

Spindle turning and multi-axes turning

Jean François Escoulen

Traditional French woodturning

I like to show how to turn fast spindle turning using a French tool: a bedan to do all the convex shape between center. it’s a French technique…

Multi-axes turning

Widen the possibilities of the shapes you can create on the lathe. Simply by changing the axes, we can make amazing things. This is what I want to show you in this session.