Michael lives in Chattanooga, TN, and works as a biology professor at a local community college. He has a wife, two young boys, a dog, and several cats. Michael primarily alternates between turning bowls and sculptural pieces, and is a member of the Tri State Woodturners.

Turn a Heart on the Lathe

Michael Anderson

I will create a heart-shaped bud vase via multi-axis turning. This is a fun demonstration that involves face grain and end grain turning, interrupted cuts, design considerations, and a variety of tools. I will also discuss different base/stand options.


Michael Anderson

I will demonstrate how to create a piece where a smaller egg is permanently affixed within a larger egg, yet the smaller egg is still movable. This is a variation of Al Hockenbery’s sphere in a sphere. This is a fun process that covers spindle turning, egg design considerations, mounting methods, and interrupted cuts. I will also turn a stand for the egg-in-an-egg.