I have enjoyed woodturning for many years, trying to improve my technique in taking many classes from different teachers. Particularly from Jean-Fran├žois Escoulen at his school in the south of France. My wife and I had a woodworking store for 42 years and recently retired but we still have a woodturning shop with ten lathes where I teach woodturning and host demonstrators for classes. I admire the artistic work of many woodturners but I take pleasure in turning items that might be used daily and have a life of their own. I am mostly excited when a woodturning project requires the invention of some kind of jigs, I always start with the most complicated solution to finally land on a simple version. I see that intellectual exercise as efficient as doing crossword puzzles to keep a healthy brain.

Oval Turning using the Volmer Chuck

Christian Brisepierre

I will explain the use and limitations of the Oval turning chuck. My method is based on the fabrication of oval jaws which allows to use the same procedure for turning bowls or platters as in regular woodturning. I am also working on a set of plans and material list to make a homemade small oval device to use on a midi lathe. I would introduce it at the symposium if ready.

Coffee Spoon and Jig

Christian Brisepierre

In this demo I will present how to fabricate a holding jig to hold a one piece coffee spoon blank and do the hollowing and the multiaxis handle.