Vinny Luciani is the son of a furniture maker and former owner of a furniture restoration business.

His early experience with woodturning began as part of the antique restoration process, nearly 25 years ago….turning spindles and finials to match when needed. After retiring the restoration business He joined the local Woodturning club where he attended classes by Cindy Drozda, Stewart Mortimer, Dennis Ligget, David Nittman, Trent Bosch and many others through the years. His skills advanced quickly.

He is now an award winning woodturner and experienced demonstrator.

He is also now the current president of the Pikes Peak Woodturner`s Club, hoping to help give back what was given him.

Spiral work, hollow form, finial work, carving, box making, burning and pyrography, and knowledge of finishing techniques have been areas of special interest to him.

Taking inspiration from the natural world , he aspires to balance, flow, and beauty in his work

He is known for his “Flower Vase” series, “Ocean” series, and “Spiral Ribbon” finial.

Ribbon Finial

Vinny Luciani

Proper woods, tools used, design considerations, coloring, and process.

Spiral Hollow Form

Vinny Luciani

Woods, discussion on form, hollowing, spiral layout, tools and design. I will offer an intro, a small gallery, turn a form, demonstrate hollowing and some techniques, (I will partially hollow). Then proceed with the embellishment/layout/carving, and sanding techniques.